About Us


PT. Modern Plastic Industry was established in 2007 with the machines which are well known ability to make the film, such as: Windmoller & Holscher and Macchi. Besides supported by reliable machines, we believe that the expertise of human resources and other supporting technologies is the main capital in the business.

Therefore the integrity of our company is the key to providing the best service for our customers, so that the already established cooperation can continue to run through a commitment to realizing our vision.


Our capacity machines such as:

Windmoller and Holschler, width 900 - 1600 mm with an output of 250 kg/hr,

Macchi, width 1500-2500 mm with an output of 500 kg/hr,

Total capacity to 500 tons/month.


Flexible packaging films specialist


Providing products, services and technical support so as to meet the requirements of customers in the LLDPE film industry with on-time product delivery services with innovation in technology development LLDPE films

Our Policy

Applying continuous improvement to support the company's vision and mission


Good reputation and customer satisfaction